When Dreams Come True


Something really amazing has happened to me!

In October I wrote this post about making new dreams and if you have read it, you will know that on top of that list of dreams it said “Get a job. Maybe even one that makes me happy.” What I also wrote  but deleted before I pressed publish was that my dream first job would be to work in a museum, a heritage place or in an archive but then I deleted it again because I thought that as a new graduate I shouldn’t be picky and just getting a job would be great.

But guess what! After sending out many applications, many of which never got a reply, I not only got a positive response to a special application I worked really hard on, I also landed an interview and finally, was offered the job of my dreams. From March I will be working for one of the big national heritage organisations at one of their amazing sites as a Visitor Assistant and I get to sell admission tickets, show people around and make sure everyone has a fantastic time at the castle where I will be working. Yes, that’s what I said. A castle. By the sea.

I am so excited that I got a job and that I got this job but a huge part of my excitement is also connected to an experience I had some years ago.

After my A-levels I had a particularly gloomy time, when what should have been a productive gap year getting work experience turned into involuntary unemployment for 8 months, before I ended up going to university (believe it or not, that had not actually been my plan). Ever since then one of my biggest fears have been to learn a lot and develop my skills at university only to find myself just as “unwanted” as I felt that year after my A-levels. My lack of work experience has become one of my biggest (and actually shameful) insecurities and not being able to ever land a job has been one of my biggest fears in life since then. So it doesn’t just feel amazing or great but also absolutely relieving to finally have been offered a job and to actually feel like I have earned it after so much hard work.

I have years of academic experience but I have never had a grown up full-time job before and it is new and unknown and scary but I am so excited about being given a chance to work in such a beautiful and inspiring heritage place that I hope and believe will be just the right place for me. And maybe I will even see you there this Summer!


A little note: Strangely enough I ended up using a photo for my old post from the very location where I will now be working. I chose that photo because it signified a curving road you cannot see where leads to, which is exactly how I felt about my new life after university. It seems so symbolic or prophetic now that I should have chosen to use that photo, as if life was somehow trying to tell me: Don’t worry Lea, someday you’ll be working there. You just can’t see yet it before you round the corner.



  1. Lea
    March 13, 2016 / 4:50 pm

    Aww, thank you so much Tasha!
    It was a cathartic experience to write about my unemployment, as it’s something I’ve felt ashamed about for a long time and I also want to send out the message that even if things look bad, it doesn’t mean you can’t work hard and go for your dreams in the future.
    I hope you find a solution to your work issue! And thank you so much for leaving a comment here, it means a lot to me.

  2. March 13, 2016 / 12:44 pm

    This is such a good post and what an amazing feeling that must’ve been – landing your dream job! I’m in a bit of a difficult place at the moment with work – I’m not enjoying where I am but feel pressured to stay because of the income so reading things like this is motivating and inspirational – thank you! – Tasha

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