What life has been like lately

You might have noticed that the blog has been a little (ok, a lot!) quiet lately. The reason is that I have been stuck inside in front of my desk, first writing essays and later revising for exams. Counting today there are only 5 days left before my last exam, which will also mark the last exam of my undergraduate education and will mean that I will have unofficially finished my degree in Comparative Literature.

So, what I have been doing? I’ve been writing an essay on a piece of Scandinavian autofiction from Sweden, an essay on the subjectivity of migrant literature and an assignment of translation from the Scandinavian languages into English. Today I wrote myself through 3 more translations at a desk exam and after that I felt so pleased with myself that I went straight across the street to the Waterstones on Gower St to treat myself. Note to self: Treating yourself doesn’t come cheat. Ok, so I kind of let myself loose in the bookshop and it was a good thing I was too busy falling in love with my new books that I didn’t even notice how much I paid for them. Yeh… You don’t want to know how much. It was kind of ridiculous but I love my new books and I can’t wait to read them after I finally, finally get myself a proper holiday when all of this is over.

Another thing I can’t wait to do is to explore some new areas, museums and exhibitions around the city (I should probably stay clear of anymore bookshops though but I probably won’t be able to). There are a couple of new exhibitions I would like to see and I would also like to revisit some of my favourite places and museums while I still have another 1½ month to live in London. For my birthday in March I got the book “Quiet London” from my brother and I can’t wait to not only to read the book properly and look at the suggestions but actually go explore them. It has been quiet in my room (except for the loud sound of ventilation, ambulances, traffic, people talking in the courtyard, etc.) but it has been anything but quiet in my mind. It will be so lovely to be able to find these quiet places in London and to give my brain and body a much needed rest from all of the stress of exams and finishing my undergraduate studies. Maybe I can even find places that are as quiet as the deep, dark, Swedish forest where my parents have their summerhouse.

As soon as my exams are over, I promise lots and lots of new adventures (and maybe revisiting some old ones) and of course I promise to share it with you here on the blog.


Have a super nice day, I know mine has been!

– Lea


P.s. I got into both Birkbeck University of London and the University of Copenhagen, so I will be beginning my MA in the fall if all of my exams go well. It’s the first time I’ve had more than one option and it feels absolutely great to be able to choose. It’s also feels pretty good to be wanted, right? *


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