What I’ve been up to

It’s raining today. I’m currently sitting in my living room, holding a cup of steaming, milky tea, listening to the fall of the rain through the open window and looking out on the grey clouds. Yesterday was amazing, a heat wave at the end of October, who would have thought? I remember a similar day last year in mid-October; the first day perhaps, that I really felt as if I belonged in London, as if Bloomsbury was now mine too.Yesterday I enjoyed the welcoming heat wave as I sat outside on my little piece of rented front garden, sipping tea and working hard on my novel under the burning heat of the sun, finally enjoying that I had a bit of spare time to get on with it.

So, where have you been? you might ask. As the date on my last post tells you I have been on a bit of a break from blogging while I settled into my new life and post-grad studies. It has been a less intense but a much slower process of settling down this time and I have been spending a lot of my time, trying to get used to living here away from the noise, traffic and masses that I so wanted to escape when I lived in Bloomsbury. I have to admit that I miss it, despite finally being freed of that claustrophobic stressed out feeling I always had when I lived there; I miss the life on the streets, I miss Saturday evenings at one of the cinemas at Leicester Square and the proximity to all the museums. I miss being able to walk down to Soho or Chinatown whenever I want and having Gordon Square, Russell Square and St. Georges Gardens as my nearest local green places, when the weather is good and I want to read outside.  I miss living in the student house so much, our pizza parties and movie evenings in the common room late into night, or meeting my house mates in the kitchen in the mornings before our classes, everyone still wearing their pyjamas.

But here, here I have space and air and a communal garden right outside my front door. I even have my own piece of front garden now with my very own potted plants! And I get to see my boyfriend D every day and cook food for 2 instead of 1, which is a lot less lonely and makes me feel less homesick for Denmark. I’ve finally been able to go to Ikea and pick my own furniture together with D, instead of relying on the furnished pieces that came along with my one little room in the student house.

So while I haven’t been busy on the blog I have been busy in my life:

  • Potting plants
  • Building Ikea furniture (with the help of D, a lot easier than I thought! Not once did we get it wrong so we had to take them apart to build them again!)
  • Visiting Hall Place
  • Decorating the flat to make it our own
  • Enjoyed getting active with the V&A Museums Young People Collective CreativeVoice! – And training to (perhaps) becoming a tour guide!
  • Getting to know my new neighbourhood
  • Trying to find space in our 2 bookshelves for all the books that the 2 of us have together – and buying yet more books!
  • Sorting out my photographs – to update my Flickr
  • Having a visit from my mum and older sister – and showing the flat to them for the first time!
  • Enjoying a relaxing weekend with the boyfriend for once, just him and me, going to the cinema to see “Fury”
  • And of course, trying to get a good start to my new studies at Birkbeck.

Next week is reading week so I’m off lectures in order to write an essay but I’m hoping I might get some time to go into London to see (and hopefully blog about) one of the maaany exhibitions I have on my wishlist. There are so many great exhibits this fall and with limited time to see them all, it’s hard to pick which ones to go and see.

Until next time, enjoy the crazy weather! *


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