Things to do before moving

To do list

Ever since I got my acceptance letter from UCL it has felt like someone has pressed the fast forward button on my life. Time is flying by in super speed and I can’t really get my head around the fact that I’m leaving in just one week!! Even after all these months of waiting, I can’t help thinking: is it really time already?
My Summer has been very busy and not very relaxing. 3,5 months of constant exams and papers to write (note: no holiday this year!) but now I am finally free and can begin the preparations that I need to get through before I’m ready to move. For weeks I have had a massive, constantly  growing and somewhat neglected To Do List lying on my desk but now I’m finally seeing it getting a little bit smaller every day. Some of the more important and exciting things on the list have been to:

1. Finish my Bachelor Dissertation (after 2 bloody months).

2. invite my best friends over, possibly for dinner and a movie.

3. Spend a da in Copenhagen doing my favourite things.

4, Spend one last weekend in the summerhouse in Sweden. – And relax!

5. See the Degas exhibition at Glyptoteket with my parents.

6. Spend a day with my niece – Sleepover included.

7. Go to my sisters house for dinner with her husband and my niece and nephew.

8. See the “Viking” exhibition at the National Museum of Denmark with my parents.

9. Finish reading Mansfield Park.

10. Go to the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art’s annual Literature Festival and see Zadie Smith.

11. Finish my first short story “Kalas” to be featured in the Student’s magazine at Uni.

Most of the things on this list have only just been crossed off these past two weeks. It feels like time is going faster than my progress but hopefully I will manage to do most of the things before moving.  I have another list of slightly less exciting things to do such as registering for Orientation Week, finishing the housing Induction and deciding what to pack but that is thankfully getting smaller, too. Now the only thing left is to sort out my wardrobe and decide what to take with me. A simple task. Right?