The Last Visit

Last week was an exciting and busy one as my parents came to visit me for the very last time while I live here. It has taken me a few days to process everything that we did together, not to mention sort through the many (hundred!) photographs I took. I’m finding myself equally saddened to leave this place and excited about going home to Denmark and to spend some quiet weeks in our cabin in Sweden, away from the never ceasing noises and movement of the big city.

I have finally adjusted to my newfound freedom and am finding myself spending most of my time hanging out with friends and seeing as much as possible during my last weeks here. My parents let me in charge of planning our holiday week together but as we saw too many things to describe in just one blog post, here is a (not so short) summary of how I spend the week:

Monday: The boyfriend and I had big outdoor plans to go on a boat trip down Regent’s Canal. But we woke up to gloomy skies and a promise of rain, so we decided it would be safer instead to cross the street to the British Library to see their new exhibition ‘Comics Unmasked – Art and Anarchy in the UK’. It was an interesting exhibition and I especially enjoyed seeing the original sketches and story boards that showed the creative work that went behind the making of famous graphic novels like V for Vendetta, but they let in way too many visitors at a time, which disappointingly made it very difficult to see most of the comics on display.

Tuesday: My parents came with an early train from York and after I picked them up at King’s Cross, we spent an afternoon around Bloomsbury and the West End, eating cake at Patisserie Deux Amis (a tradition by now), shopping in Primark (where my parents treated me to a super cute new raincoat), followed by a dinner of the best Fish and Chips in the city at the North Sea Restaurant. I just love their breaded scampi and crispy, crispy chips and my mum can eat an entire jar of their tartar sauce on her own!

Wednesday: I took my parents to Covent Garden, as I love the atmosphere of the market, the diversity of the shops and the opera singers and classical musicians that often entertain, not to mention the main reason for going to the market; the freshly cooked seafood paella served from huge pans on the lower level of the old, beautiful building. I wanted to give myself a special graduation present, so we went to the Pandora shop on Long Acre, where I bought myself a sparkly amethyst pendant. After that we took a walk through Leicester Square and China Town before we finally ended up at Patisserie Valerie for some more cake.

Thursday: Like with children, pets and books you can’t pick favourites but this day was my absolute favourite day of the week for many reasons. It included the first bit of sun in days, fresh air in pretty parks, picturesque surroundings perfect for photography, nice, long walks uninterrupted by traffic, beautiful old buildings and gorgeous food (and yet more cake, of course) at dinner with my parents and the boyfriend. I won’t be telling you just yet where we went, but it begins with G and ends with H… But I will reveal more about that in another post!

Friday: Another day free of rain took us on a walk through Regent’s Park, where we fed the squirrels, took photos of the green surroundings and smelled all the different species of roses in Queen Mary’s Gardens; some sugary sweet, others fresh and tangy. I loved the orange-yellowy ‘Valencia’ rose the most, as it smelled surprisingly a bit like zesty lemons. In the afternoon we headed down to see Tate Britain’s great collection of Turner paintings that I can never get tired of looking at and which my dad had never seen. I love Turner’s seascapes, his ‘Norham Castle, Sunrise’ but also his beautiful sketches of Rome, painted on blue paper.

Saturday: We were blessed with a promising blue sky, so we decided to take the chance and went all the way down on the district line to Kew Gardens, to spend a day outside in the sun among fresh air, trees and flowers but I will be posting a separate post on that brilliant day later…

Sunday: The last day of my parents visit. As they were leaving early to get back to Denmark, we did not have much time for anything but we still managed to squeeze in one last visit at Deux Amis, for coffee, tea and Pain au Chocolats. Obviously we couldn’t say our goodbyes before eating one last piece of cake!

Phew, I can’t believe we did all of that in just one week! *



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