The last adventures

My last weeks in London ended up being rather busy ones, as I packed everything down, moved boxes to the boyfriend’s for storage and went on a (so far unssuccesful) hunt for a new place, where we can live together in the fall. I had planned to do a couple of posts on some of the thing’s I was up to but ended up not having the time to do it before my big move home. But I still had time to squeeze in a last few trip and experiences!

These adventures included:

  • Going to St. Georges Gardens one afternoon for a bit of quiet writing and reading of Jo Baker’s lovely “Longbourn”. I wasn’t the only one who had the idea to enjoy the afternoon out, as tons of people had sought out the garden as their lunch time sanctuary, which is pretty understandable, as it is a particularly lovely, little garden that is kind of hidden away in a corner of Bloomsbury.
  • Trying out this new café down by Brunswick called Petit A, which included a really nice cup of Earl Grey and a tasty berry tart, after before mentioned writing session. It was nice to sit by the window and look at all the people rushing past, while I had all the time in the world myself. And they had the prettiest display of cakes on the counter and a Scandinavian decoration style that reminded me of home.
  • Having a really lovely picnic beneath a big tree by the Meadows in Foots Cray with the boyfriend on a sunny Sunday afternoon of lazyness.
  • Heading down to Wesminster to visit the Garden Museum for the first time, after I read about it in my Quiet London guide. I thought it was a nice museum, although a bit small and I was disappointed to find that the so called quiet garden at the back wasn’t very quiet at all because the rush of cars driving past on the other side of the wall was so loud that you couldn’t focus on anything but that.
  • Walking all the way from the Garden Museum in Westminster along the Thames and down to the Temple Church teasingly hidden away in the City, on what turned out to be a very confusing and frustrating walk around the Inner and Middle Temple, where I completely lost all sense of direction, got lost 3 times and finally found the right way, only to discover that the church had been closed an hour before I got there. Oh well, I can always see it when I come back.
  • I won a competition on Twitter and was invited to a Peirene Press Supper Club with Norwegian author Hanne Ørstavik, for an evening of delicious dinner and interesting literary conversation at Book & Kitchen in what was (I have to admit with shame) my first ever trip to Notting Hill. It was such a magical evening, sitting out in the backyard eating norwegian Lefse, while talking about Ørstavik’s book ‘The Blue Room’, as the sun went down over the sky above us. I will remember this evening forever.
  • Going on a Regent’s Canal Boat Trip on a sunny afternoon, enjoying the gentle rocking of the boat as it glided along the quiet canal water before ending up in Little Venice.
  • Queuing for what felt like hours to take a trip in the London Eye, just so I could finally see my beloved city from above. I have a fear of heights but didn’t feel it at all in the capsule, as I admired the skyline with the Shard stealing the spotlight! From the capsule I could even see Battersea Power Station further down the Thames, which happens to be one of my favourite buildings.

I ended up having more time than I really expected to have during my last weeks and days here. I was happy that I was able to see and do so much in those final days and that I got to spend a lot of time walking around Bloomsbury, taking photographs and reading in the sunny squares and gardens, in what was my attempt to find a way to say goodbye to all of these places that I’ve come to love so much. I really couldn’t have imagined a better way to spend my last days here. *



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