Taking a day off

The freedom experienced right after weeks of essay writing always make me feel more free than at any other time. I always have Wednesdays off but usually I have to so much work to do that it never becomes the day off it was meant to be.

Last Wednesday I found myself not having any obligations, so I gave myself a day off from everything. The weather has been so beautiful lately and that day was no different. As it was a sunny and surprisingly warm Spring day (which happens to be my favourite time of year and not just because of my birthday!), I decided to spend my day at some of my favourite places around the neighbourhood.

I started my day by sleeping as late as I wanted to, simply because I could and then I let myself have a breakfast in bed, while I enjoyed the view from my window as the sun shone down upon the Pancras hotel (which totally looks like a castle!) with the promise of a brilliant day.

First I went down to my local Waterstones on Gower Street. I love the old building the shop is placed in with its ornamented windows and towers. I have been buying a lot of books lately (too many) but I justified my little trip as I wanted to buy a gift for the boyfriend, along with a pretty card for a friend from home, who had written me a really nice, long and old fashioned, handwritten letter, which I wanted to return with just as much effort. I found a lovely and very English card for my friend and two guidebooks about Copenhagen and the Danes for the boyfriend, as we will be going there together soon.

After I was done with my shopping, I hopped, skipped and walked down the street and into Gordon Square. There were so many people and especially students in the park that day, who were all out to enjoy the sun and the blooming, yellow daffodils! But I managed to find myself a place to sit where I could turn my face towards the sun and read for a bit in one of the books I got from my birthday, The Rabbit Back Literature Society.

It was so nice to sit there and relax without having to watch the time, although with all the other people enjoying the park, it did seem a bit over crowded and less peaceful than it did when I went there Sunday.

When my tummy started rumbling, I put my book bag into my bag and got up from where I had been sitting and headed for one of my favourite places here, Patisserie Deux Amis, for a pot of tea and a sandwich. I sat there cosily, listening to the classical music coming from the radio and enjoying the fact that I had all the freedom and time in the world to sit as long as I wanted to, while I finished writing my letter to my friend at home.

Finally I headed back home, got social in the kitchen with one of my housemates and even ended up writing a short piece of creative writing in my 642 Things To Write About book (which my boyfriend gave me when we went to Covent Garden), both things I haven’t had much time to do while writing my essays. But alas, I was eventually forced to face reality and so I left the kitchen to finally sort out my laundry. *



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