What I’ve Been Reading Lately #3

It’s been a while since I last posted anything. I have been trying to take things more slowly, to plan less, to cram less things into my days and to take time to just sit and read in my favourite chair, occassionally putting my books down to watch a bit of Line of Duty, Mad Men and Downton Abbey. I got so many books for Christmas and all of the presents I got for my birthday in March were books except for two. I have also been treating myself to some books from my wish list and my parents have been spoiling me with “just because” book gifts to make me happy. So I have had plenty of books to choose from lately and have read some amazing stories in the past few months. Hence, having been a bit too busy reading to write anything new for the blog. read more

What I’ve Been Reading Lately #2

I really enjoyed writing the last “Books I’ve Been Reading Lately” post and have decided to make it a recurrent feature on the blog where I can gather together all the best books I end up reading over a few months. I’ve been a little late with this post, as I read most of these books in autumn and winter last year but I’ve just had so many other things to write about, too.

The Best Novellas I’ve Read

The first time I came across a novella, that unique form between a short novel and a long short story, was when I read Heart of Darkness in my first year at University. What surprised me then was how much could be said in such a short space of time and pages, and how seemingly small stories could contain the big ones that life is about.

Nordic Translations


On the UK World Book Day back in March I wrote a review of the English translation of Danish Helle Helle’s This Should Be Written in the Present Tense and promised you guys that I would post some more suggestions of Nordic literature in English translation. Since it’s the World Book Night in the UK today (and World Book Day in the rest of the world), I thought it was the perfect day for me to write about Nordic translated literature. read more

World Book Day – And the World of Translations

Its World Book Day, so today’s post is going to be about literature, of course.

I have been meaning to write this post for quite some time now. For years actually but especially since November, when an exciting package was pushed through my door. As a Danish former literature student I have often wanted to tell everyone on my blog about the fantastic literature that is being written not only in Denmark but also in my fellow Scandinavian countries. But every time I have tried to sit down and write about my favourite Scandi authors I have come up with the same problem: Few of them have been translated into English, so what’s the point. Some of them have been translated to other Scandinavian languages, French, German and even Czech. But in English? read more