Sunny October stroll

This week I picked Thursday to be my study-free indulgence day. The weather was absolutely lovely, the sun shining, the air warm (and admittedly also a bit humid) and on my way back to my house after an errand-run, I told myself that I couldn’t possibly go back to my room to read indoor as it would be such a shame on a sunny day like this! So instead I went home, grabbed my camera and went outside and into the sun, for a long autumnal walk in the neighborhood.

I began my walk by strolling down to one of my newly found favourite shops in London, one of the not so secret local secrets, the secondhand bookshop Skoob down on Marchmont Street. I justified my trip (the second in less than a week) by searching the shelves for inspiration and possible Christmas presents for friends and family. It’s one of those awfully well-stocked places, where you will always be able to find at least one book that will prevent you from leaving empty handed. I left the shop very happily half an hour later when I had found the perfect gift for someone special.

After my sneaky little trip to Skoob I went walking around the neighborhood to photograph the signs of autumn in Bloomsbury. Although my favourite season is Spring there is something really special about those warm orange, red, yellow and burgundy browns of autumn and the rainy days of staying indoor with a cup of hot chocolate and a movie.

Even the flourist had decorated the shop with the warm hued colours of October, as I discovered when I walked in to buy a pot for an African Violet that my mum got me as a present when she was visiting. The flourists were right in the middle of making a grand flower arrangement celebrating all the colours of the season.

The weather was so nice that I decided it would be appropriate to give myself an indulgent break at Patisserie Deux Amis and while sitting outside in front of the patisserie, having my Pain au Chocolat and tea, I watched as people walked past on the pavement and I swear almost every single one looked more cheerful than what you normally see on your regular weekday.

I wasn’t quite ready to go back inside yet so after my little pastry break I headed down to Russell Sq. to read in the sun, smell in the moldy fresh air and watch the grey squirrels hunt for food. When I (very appropriately for the setting) had finished reading the chapter on Bloomsbury in “London Fragments”, I closed my book and finally walked back home.*







































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