Seaside escape

Living in London is an absolutely amazing experience and I feel lucky every single day when I wake up and realise I’m still here. The city is a lively, noisy, busy, exciting and inspiring place to be. Nevertheless I was excited about getting a little break from London last weekend, as me and a friend went on a little trip to Kent.

A few stops on the tube, a short ride on the train and an hour long car drive later and I found myself having left London and it’s never ceasing noise far behind me. It was so lovely to be somewhere with nature, greenery and trees, seeing herds of cows and sheep grazing on fields where no tall houses obstructed the view of the horizon. As we drove into the lovely sea town of Whitstable I was practically jumping in my seat and squealing with delight as the sea came into my view.

Oh, to hear the sound of breaking waves on the sea. Bird song. The crunchy sound of your own footsteps walking in the sand. The wind blowing your hair around your face. The fresh smell of salty seawater. It was escapist bliss, complete happiness.

As we strolled around in the streets and down by the water I found Whitstable the most lovely town, with all the colourful wooden houses, the small art galleries, the fish and chips restaurant where we had our tasty lunch and the harbour full of painted boats in every colour. I had such a wonderful day.

Sunday was spent in another part of Kent, in a suburbia to London. We took a long walk down by the meadows, enjoying the green grass, fresh air and open space that I sometimes miss in my part of London. Just being able to walk, freely, without having to cross any roads or avoid walking into any people was so lovely.  I love living in London but I don’t think I’m a girl that really belongs in the city. Not forever anyway.
On our way back from the meadows we walked past a beautiful old church and I got to play around with my friends 50mm lens. Doing photography always makes me feel happy but sometimes I forget to take the time off to actually do it. I  might have fallen a little bit in love with that lens (Ok, a lot. It has definitely been put on my wishlist).
All in all I had such a fun weekend and was (almost) sad that I had to go back to old Bloomsbury.*


























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