Photographs from a Birthday in the Snow


It’s been a few months since my birthday in March but last week I got the prints back from the film rolls I shot that weekend and I thought I’d write a little post to share some of the pictures I took. I have already mentioned in another post that my birthday didn’t exactly go like I had planned because of the snowstorm that decided to take over the country but looking through the photos of everything covered in snow made me realise that the memories I have of those two days have been made quite special because of the whole snowstorm affair.


Canterbury looking very Dickensian in the snow


The snow falling down over the riverbank that runs next to our flat, after we got back from Canterbury


Because of the warnings to avoid using roads and public transport, we only dared a shorter drive up to Canterbury for a bit of lunch and to spend a few, very cold hours dipping in and out of the shops. We tried to make the best of it and took pictures of each other in the snow before we eventually gave up and went home to warm ourselves on hot chocolate and spend the rest of that afternoon and evening having a picnic on the living room floor while watching The Third Man under duvets. Not quite what I had had in mind but it ended up being a pretty cosy and quite lovely day.

Luckily the weather had improved a bit the next day so we were able to take the train up to London like I had originally planned. Even though I’ve now lived here for more than 4 and a half years it’s the first time I have seen London covered in any kind of snow and it made Russell Square look rather lovely and gave an almost old-world feel to Bloomsbury.


Russell Square looking lovely in the snow


We went to the British Museum and spend a few hours there looking at statues and photographing each other in the galleries in pretty much the same way we spent our anniversary there in September. It’s also where Daniel ended up taking the photo of me that I now use as the profile photo on my About page.


Senate House Library where I had my graduation 2 years ago


It’s become a tradition to visit bookshops on my birthday and if we are in London we have to go to Skoob, which still feels like my little secret hidden beneath the streets of Bloomsbury, even though it’s not really much of a secret anymore that it’s there. Spending a few quiet moments there always takes me back to when I first came to London and discovered the bookshop. It always giv me a feeling that this is one of my London places.



By that point we had quite a few bags of books to drag around London and most of the snow had melted, so we walked down the same streets of Bloomsbury I used to walk when I lived here and went down to St Pancras to catch a train back home to Kent.
And you know, despite the snowstorm, it wasn’t really the worst way to spend my birthday.



*These photos were all taken with my Ricoh KR5 with a 50mm lens and HP5 35mm film set at boxspeed.

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