Perfect Saturdays

I’m not gonna lie, the past couple of weeks have been rough. It has been time for another round of dreaded essays before the big start on my final dissertation and while essay time is unpleasant enough at the best of times, I have also been rather ill. So the essays have been put aside for now and I have had to give myself some much needed time off to recover. This has turned out to be a good idea and I am now finally starting to feel better.

And today has been the most beautiful, perfect Saturday in a long time. Today has been all about doing what I have longed to do while I was stuck in bed. After an exciting morning delivery of Daniel’s latest camera aquisition, a 15-85mm lens, we hurried out to the car and went on our way to the perfect spot for a photo shoot; a rapeseed field he had seen in a rural part of Kent on his way to work one day.

The great seas of ripe, yellow rapeseed fields rolling like waves in the wind under a cloudy, blue sky is something that really made me think of home. The fields are something I associate with car rides in Denmark and Sweden in early summer, seen from the window on trips to our cabin in the forest or off to visit family. For me they are so “Scandinavian”, that I almost felt like I had come home, had it not been for the narrow country lanes fenced in by tall hedges so familiar to the English countryside.

We spent an afternoon in the fields, walking among the rapeseed flowers in the small lanes plowed between them, taking photographs of the flowers, the landscape and each other. Once, when we waited more than 10 minutes for Daniel to get a shot of a passing train rushing past the blue, green and yellow landscape, I was sitting on a fence, feeling the sun warm my pale skin and the soft wind lift my hair around my face, as I listened to the quiet rush of the rolling fields and the sound of satisfied birds in a nearby cluster of old, big trees. Daniel was worried I was getting bored but I was so happy sitting on that fence, enjoying that small little moment of rural, tranquil perfection.

I just have to close my eyes again now and I see it all again. *


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