Out and about in Camden

It is a time of firsts and last Tuesday became the day of my first ever trip on a London Bus. It does feel a bit silly to me that I have been to London 4 times without never actually being on one of the famous red busses that these streets are filled with.

Me and some of my new friends from uni were in luck. We got the front seat at the top with the best view of Camden High Street as we rode down it towards the Stables Market. The market was another first for me. It’s been one of those places I’ve been planning to see on all of my previous trips but then never got around to.

And I can tell you now, I don’t know how I survived living up until now without ever having tried the many, MANY varieties of Bang Bang Chicken that the asian food stalls at the Stables Market has to offer. Who knew that you could just walk around all day at the market and try out every stalls own recipe for tempura chicken without ever having to actually pay for food? I did however end up paying for a good helping of fried noodles because I simply can’t pass up a chance to try one of my favourite kinds of food.

After me and my friends had satisfied our appetites we started exploring the market and everything it had to offer. I was pretty excited about all the big, live-like statues of horses and working men, not to mention the overall old school appearance of the market. The smell of leather from the leather ware shops only helped to bring back the memory of the market’s former time as stables and horse hospital. I especially found that the many real looking statues were bringing the whole place back to its former life, like an echo of a time that once were. I especially enjoyed wandering down in the lower stables area where there was a shop selling quirky and vintage looking signs, a second hand book shop (although a rather pricey one!) and a shop selling old tea cups, jewellery and other knickknacks, including ephemera such as old photographs of strangers. I really wanted to buy one of the photos (it showed some people walking around in what looked like a street in Italy) because it reminded me so much of one my favourite novels, “Glaciers” by Alexis M. Smith. But I found 1£ too much to pay for just one tiny B&W photograph.

I did however buy a satchel bag that I can use for uni. I have been on the search for one ever since I got here, as I had to leave my old one at home as it wouldn’t fit in my luggage, so I was thrilled to finally find one that I both liked and which suited my needs. I’m rather picky when it comes to bags and I have been leaving both Primark and New Look empty handed after searching for the right one.

We ended up relaxing a bit down by the canal where it was more quiet and less noisy, before we finally hopped onto another shiny red bus and headed for home.

Unfortunately, I completely forgot my camera at home that day and only had my phone to take photos with so I will have to go back to the market someday to take some proper photos with my camera (and to have some more of that Asian food!).


















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