One Frame – #1

For a while now I have been walking around with an idea for a new series of blog posts. As much as I intended to blog more this year it hasn’t really happened (because hey, life!) but maybe this series could help me share what I’m up to without stealing too much of my time to do other things.

Last year I stopped myself blogging about something quite a few times because I was in the middle of a project and wasn’t sure what format I would end up showing it in. I don’t have a problem with showing work-in-progress or something unfinished but I didn’t want to share anything prematurely if I wanted those projecs to be seen or engaged with in a different way.

This new idea I have however, means that I can show you little sneak peaks of what I’m doing without overthinking it so much and without risking how I might want to present them to the world in the future, whether they are stand-alone images or part of bigger projects that I’m still working on.

This will be the first one.

Copenhagen, March 2019

Shot on Kodak Ultramax 400, 35mm film

I took this photo back in March when I flew home to Denmark to see my family.

It was taken from one of the windows of the Hirschsprung Collection looking across the museum park towards the National Gallery of Denmark.

It’s part of a project I’m currently working on about the different things I have seen or encountered in museums. Sometimes it isn’t always the art that catch my interest. Sometimes it can be something as simple as the view seen from a window, a certain way it has accidently framed something in.

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