On New Year’s Eve

I had big plans for the final day of the year and by big I mean that I was going to spend the day doing all the small, simple things that make me happy: picking a vinyl to dance around the livingroom to, have a luxurious bath with a Lush bathbomb, wear my new cosy socks and dressing gown all day, order chinese food and end the year watching a really good film.

Instead I have ended up in bed and will not only end the year being ill but will most likely be kickstarting the new year in the same way tomorrow. It sucks. Especially as I have been looking forward to 3 days off from work to quietly spend time with D and my new presents, doing all those things I haven’t had time for lately but which makes me feel whole.

I love working in a bookshop and I love Christmas but it’s a particularly tough and stressful time of year to work in one. There has been other things going on in my life on top of that and I think it has all got too much for both my body and mind to handle.

But D have just brought in the laptop and made me a cup of tea in one of my favourite mugs and I refuse to end this year and start another one on terms that aren’t mine. I will do what I always do when life derails me: I’ll make the best of it.

I don’t remember the last time I properly sat in front of my laptop to look through my photography files and write something down for the blog but now I have the time. A few months ago I had a bit of an idea one day and what better time than today to make that idea turn into something real.

So tomorrow, on the very first day of the new year there will be a digital exhibition of a series of photographs I took this summer. It is not the same as seeing them framed and hung as prints on the wall of a gallery but this platform is something I have, that I own and this is a way I can use it.
So I hope that you will make yourself a cup of tea, turn on your computer and take a moment out of your day to sit down and have an experience with these photos, just as I experienced something in taking them.


I wish you a very Happy New Year!!


P.s. I saw Star Wars last night and really liked it!

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