New Memories – Pt. 2

At the end of my parents latest visit we did not only have sore feet, tired legs, happy tummies and in my case, a camera roll full of pristine photographs (metaphorically speaking of course, as I always shoot digital). We also had a whole new round of fresh adventures and new memories to look back on and (dis)covered many more kilometers of the city streets, as we wore our shoe soles thin.  It would be a bit much, both to write and I’m sure to read about all of the things we did together; far too many things happened in that one week to mention in a single blog post.

Instead I have created a little list of just a few of the things that we got up to, which I am posting here along with some snapshots of what we experienced on our trips together:


  • We took a drive to Whitstable for a bit of fresh sea air, so my boyfriend could show them around a proper English seaside town. While we had a proper fresh Fish and Chips lunch there, we passed on their famous oysters. I’ve never had one and maybe I’ll love them but a blob of grey slime just don’t look appetising to be honest!
  • We walked around the side streets near Covent Garden and found Neil’s Yard for the first time, a courtyard full of brightly coloured buildings in all the colours of the rainbow. Who knew rainy, grey London could look so colourful?!
  • We saw the inside of St. Pauls Cathedral for the first time – And walked the 528 steps up to the top of the dome to see what is probably the best view of LDN. In my opinion, the view is much better than what you see from the London Eye! Maybe it feels more magnificent because you are outside looking directly down at the rooftops, instead of from inside a bauble of glass that creates a barrier between you and the city.
  • In the crypt of St. Pauls we found the tomb of William Turner. I didn’t know he was buried there, so it was a lovely surprise and I have to admit that it felt rather special to stand by his tombstone and pay him a quiet tribute for his contribution to art. He is my second favourite painter after all, only coming behind Danish Vilhelm Hammershoi.
  • We walked down by Southbank and turned towards Borrough Market, where we saw a lot of small, curvy and narrow sidestreets squeezed in between tall, old warehouse buildings on the way. I thought the food in the stalls looked delicious but a lot of it seemed pretty pricy! It reminded me of Torvehallerne in Copenhagen, which also has a lot of fresh, delicious (and overly priced) specialities. We bought some really nice chocolate at a stall, which was worth every penny though!
  • We went to our first ever visit at the Museum of London, which was a lot more exciting than I expected. They have done a really good job of presenting the whole history of London in a way that isn’t boring. I really recommend it to people who might think that looking at some objects that represent London’s history isn’t all that interesting. I especially liked a reconstructed shopping street from the Victorian Age, not to mention the displays about the Roman’s development of the city and seeing some of the ancient, still-standing ruins of the city wall that once marked the boundaries of Londinium.
  • We walked around and fell in love with the area around the Inner and Middle Temple. It isn’t easy to find and most maps are no help in trying to get there because the streets aren’t organised in a logical way, but when you finally get there, what you find is some of London’s really old streets; quiet, tranquil and mostly deserted they just take your breath away. In streets like these it feels like time stands still, like an eternal part of the city that will always be here. It is an enchanting area to get lost in!


I am constantly reminded about how big and incredible the city is and every time I get a visit from home I fall in love with the city all over again. It is especially when I experience the city on foot, either alone or in the company of others that I feel like I really see what London is like. With each new walk or trip I am building an ever expanding archive of memories of the city. What are some of your best memories of London? *



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