New Dreams


I have always been a person with many dreams. Big dreams, like studying at University, owning my own house and getting a novel published someday but also smaller ones, like getting a rabbit or spending a weekend or holiday a certain way. My parents have always encouraged this dreaming, even when my dreams were a bit (ok, a lot) unrealistic, like when I was 12 and really, really wanted to become an actor and it has encouraged me to always go for the things I want in life. Those dreams may not come true (you may not even want them to) but you will experience things on the way you wouldn’t have otherwise.

For many years one of my biggest dreams was to try and live in England. Another, more recent one was to study and finish a literature degree at University and a third was to go on an Erasmus exchange. All those dreams came true during my student exchange at UCL. For a year I was literally living out my biggest dreams, my life felt amazing and I was happy. But after that year was over I felt quite sad that I could no longer live that dream and it’s not until recently that I realised why I haven’t really felt like myself after that time: When my greatest dreams came true, I forgot to make up new ones to replace the old ones with.

So the other day I sat down with a  cup of tea and a notebook and wrote down all the big and small dreams that I could think of, hoping that not only will some of these come true but more importantly, that I will have something new to work towards and something to look forward to in the future. The list looks something like this:

  • Get a job. Maybe even one that makes me happy.
  • Plan and go on a road trip to Scotland with my boyfriend
  • Learn bookbinding
  • Get to know Canterbury
  • Volunteer in a museum or archive
  • Learn how to make traditional cyanotypes of my own photographs
  • Travel to Iceland with the boyfriend
  • Make my own handcrafted photobook
  • Go interrailing in Europe. I love trains and think this would be the perfect way to travel around Europe!
  • Try to live in (yet) another country, even just for a few weeks or a month or 2. I haven’t decided which new country to dream about yet
  • Get a Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 camera and do a photo project with analog photography
  • Finish the novel I’m currently writing on
  • Travel more and try to get started on travel writing
  • Own my own house someday, where I can paint any colour I want and put art on any wall I like
  • Live a life surrounded by art and books

I think that’s it for now. I have to admit that they look a lot different from what my dreams used to be like but I suppose now that my educational dreams have been fulfilled, it’s time for something new. What is on your dream wishlist? Have you ever had a really big dream come true? I would love to hear about some of your dreams!



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