My First English Christmas – Part 2



I love presents at Christmas. I love the secrecy and excitement about finding just the right present for someone I care about and receiving something just as thoughtful in return. And I love wrapping them all up. So I hope this doesn’t make me seem petty but when I prepared myself to have my first Christmas away from home, I was dreading the little pile of presents that I expected would be under the tree. Because how would my family and friends be able to get my presents to England, when posting them would be so expensive!

In the end, my worries were completely shamed! My boyfriend spoiled me because he knew how much I worried about it, his family showered us both with so many nice things and on the 23rd the postman arrived with two huge boxes from Denmark full of treats from home and lovely wrapped presents from my parents, my sister and her family.

I got so many nice things that I will only mention some of them but here is a list of some of the lovely things I received:



Polaroid Spectra Camera – Colour and B&W film from The Impossible Project

Daniel knew I have been wanting an Instax camera for quite a long time but they are so expensive I didn’t even put it on my wishlist. So I had not expected to open this gorgeous vintage polaroid camera on Christmas morning! I don’t think I really understood that it was mine at first but I took my first polaroid on Christmas Day and have taken a couple more since then. Now my new favourite thing in the world is to watch the blue-toned photographs develop. My boyfriend basically gave me the gift of being able to create art, how amazing is that?!


Instant Love by Susannah Conway

He also got me this book about instant photography to help me on my new explorations with instant analog film. I’ve already read in it a lot and it’s been helping me learn how to use my new camera and given me some ideas on what kind of photographs I want to take with it.


Soap & Glory gift sets – Sanctuary gift box – Lush gift box – Primark Slipper Boots

My boyfriend’s family must know me well already because they all gave me stuff that will make me smell and feel good all winter. I love the Slipper Boots from my parents-in-law, as they are sooo soft inside and baths with Lush Bombs is one of the amazing things I have discovered since moving to England! I won’t be running out of nice stuff for my baths anytime soon.


A Wanderer in London by E.V. Lucas

I once found the second part of this book in my favourite second-hand bookshop Skoob in Bloomsbury but unfortunately they didn’t have the first part. I have been looking for it ever since but now I don’t have to anymore, as my boyfriend got me this lovely old edition from 1929. I’ve already read a little bit in it and I just love the writing style and the descriptions of a London that no longer exists.


Fantastic Cities Colouring Book by Steve McDonald – Veg-a-Spin Spiralizer – What If, Bluray

From my parents-in-law and Daniel. I’ve already coloured a bit in the book which have some really nice illustrations of real and imagined cities and I have also tried out my spiralizer, which I will be using a lot to spike my spaghetti with spirals of courgette and carrots to make it more healthy! I haven’t seen the film yet as we are still getting through the films and series we got but I’m really excited about sitting down to watch it soon.


In Another Light: Danish Painting in the Nineteenth Century by Patricia G. Berman – The Writer’s Garden: How Gardens Inspired our Best-loved Authors by Jackie Bennet – Virginia Woolf’s Garden: The story of the Garden at Monk’s House by Caroline Zoob

I had a lot of culture and art books on my wishlist this year and my brother and parents got me these three lovely books, which I have already read in a little already. I’m not a big gardener but it doesn’t stop me from having a thing for gardens, especially the ones with literary connections and I just love the photography in these! I’m also excited about learning more about Scandinavian art as it’s something I love but don’t actually know that much about.


The Fox and The Star by Coralie Bickford-Smith – Mystery in White by J. Jefferson Farjeon

I got these as a Christmas present for myself while I was out buying some presents for other people! If I’m honest I will use any excuse to justify buying new books but I’m so happy that I did. I thought the Fox and the Star was a really lovely story and I loved the feeling of the materiality of the book and the William Morris inspired illustrations! I’m still working my way through the other book but I really like it so far and it has been the perfect read to cosy up with over the holidays!

So that’s it, at least on the blog. I am so grateful that I have such thoughtful and generous friends and family and that they all helped to make my first English Christmas as special as it was. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some reading to do!


  1. Lea
    January 14, 2016 / 3:37 pm

    Thank you! The polaroid was an amazing present to get!
    I still need to get used to using it and getting around the limitations compared to my digital camera but there is something so magical about seeing them come out of the camera straight away and watching the colours change as they develop. I also like that you only get that one shot, so you try harder to make it just right on the first attempt.

  2. January 12, 2016 / 3:11 pm

    What amazing gifts to get! Especially the vintage Polaroid camera – must be so fun to take pictures and watch them develop slowly!

    Saskia /

  3. Lea
    January 7, 2016 / 12:25 pm

    Hi Nia!

    Omg, Bradshaw wrote a London guide from 1862 and I haven’t heard about it?! I have to get my hands on it! My favourite period within art, history AND London (except for now) is the Nineteenth Century and the Victorian period, so I would love to read this and I have actually been trying to search for something just like it but could never find anything. Thank you for telling me about it!
    I also can’t believe you’ve heard about and read A Wanderer in London, I only discovered it by accident! Do you have any other travel guides, diaries etc. you could recommend me about/from London to add to my collection of London books?

  4. January 6, 2016 / 9:30 pm

    I love ‘A Wanderer in london’. There’s so much history in London and it’s so lovely to read about forgotten corners and places 🙂 My husband bought me ‘Bradshaw’s London Guide’ last Christmas about London in 1862.

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