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Happy New Year greeting

I hadn’t really planned to write a New Year post for many reasons but then I realised that maybe it was something I needed to do.

For many years my life has followed the academic calendar with my old year usually ending in summer at the end of term and my new beginning in fall with the start of term. I have also never really been a big party person. This means that New Year isn’t really a big deal for me but just another day passing. I don’t normally feel like I need to set myself new goals or resolutions (I do that all the time without waiting for January as an excuse) or re-evaluate the year that has passed just because the year magically changes at midnight. So I didn’t really feel like writing this kind of blog post was for me.

But then I was thinking about it this morning and I realised that maybe deep down, I didn’t want to think back on the past year because it has felt like a really hard one and that there hasn’t been much to celebrate about it. And as I was thinking that, I realised how untrue that was.

I have had a really rough year. I’ve been ill a lot, I’ve been stressed out with Uni work to the point that I didn’t care about any of it anymore except finishing, I had to move house with a very unexpected 2-month warning which really upset me and saw me leaving my beloved London, I haven’t had a lot of money, I’ve been searching for a job for some months so far without success and I’ve struggled to see how the future could improve (hence my reluctance to look forward to 2016, maybe?). When I look back on this year, these are the things I remember the most but I have had many other amazing things happen, I just forget to think about them.

So I’ve decided to celebrate the positive things that happened in my life in this past year:

 I got to give 2 tours at the V&A museum and it was such an amazing opportunity to be allowed to walk around the museum and talk to other young people about the objects that I love so much!

 I was invited by the V&A director to the private view of the first Photo London art fair and I felt so lucky to be there. It inspired me and really made me realise just how much I love photography and how important it is for me to have that in my life.

 I wrote an assignment on curating which I had dreaded because I felt lost about it but I ended up writing about something I felt really passionate about and unexpectedly received not only a 2:1 but also a lot of praise for it. It made me realise that while you might feel out of your depth sometimes, it doesn’t mean you can’t learn!

 I spent a week with my boyfriend back home in Denmark in June and got to share some of my favourite places with him, including what turned out to be one of the most memorable and breathtaking art experiences either of us have ever had in our life.

 I wrote and finished my 1500-word Masters dissertation in 3,5 months.

 I completed my Master degree despite having been ill for most of the year but I did it and I even received an Award of Merit!

 I got a call back for one of my job applications and was invited to an interview at one of the big national museums in London (I’m going to keep it a secret which one it was!) and while they ended up picking someone else in the end, I still feel proud that I got an interview in the first place, as I know it was a very competitive role.

♥ And, I got to experience my first English Christmas with my boyfriend.

Just writing these experiences down has made me realise that this year hasn’t really been as bad or as much of a failure as I think of it as. As my boyfriend reminded me the other day, it’s been a transition year for me and my life is changing a lot, so getting through the way I have and coming out happy is simply enough. Writing this post has reminded me that sometimes we just need to remember the positives and let go of the rest.

I wish you a very Happy New Year!

Lea x


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