Lazy Saturdays?

I had a pretty nice weekend if I do say so myself. It is so tempting for me to be lazy on my days off from Uni but I’m trying to get better at going out to explore the city (one of my new year’s resolutions: Work less, explore more).
The boyfriend would not be lured away from the warmth and dryness of my room to go to Covent Garden with me until he realised that a sweets shop with imported sweets were lying just around the corner from the Apple Market.

So off we went, with a camera and an empty hand that should had been holding an umbrella. The rain had stopped for a while and I chose to be positive and hopeful as we walked out the door. Alas, this is London and I should have known better by now. I’ve lived here long enough to know that “clear blue sky” can turn into fierce winds and rain at any moment without prior warning.
Luckily for us, the market is roofed and we managed to stay pretty clear of the rain. There was way too many people for my liking (What on earth made me tempted to go exploring on a Saturday of all days?!) but to balance it off I found the super cute Moomin Shop!
The boyfriend treated me to lunch and we had the most delicious paella. They had not cheated with this, as there was plenty of mussels, prawns and squid in mine and I’m lucky enough that the boyfriend doesn’t fancy prawns so I could have his, too! I’m a big fan of sea food and Spanish food so this was pretty perfect.

After lunch we got tired of the crowds at the market, so we went down towards New Row to find the promised land, also known as the Cyber Candy shop. They are especially known for importing all the most popular American sweets and some pretty weird Japanese stuff. They even had a pick’n’mix bar with sweets from all over the world and I of course went for the Swedish stuff I knew from my childhood. We also bought a Hershey chocolate bar, which we found both surprisingly disgusting, Twinkies (the good kind of gross), Ho Hos and Reese’s.

After we had filled our pockets with sweets (which also got equally lighter by the amount of money we spend in there) we turned around the corner to explore the streets some more when our gazes suddenly landed on a Waterstones window. Now, I can walk past a bookstore without walking inside but it does take an immense amount of effort for me and I’m afraid I didn’t even try that day. So in we went! I had already spotted something in the window display so I went searching for what I really wanted but really shouldn’t buy for myself. However, my will was not strong and I ended up finding not just that book but also another one that had to come home with me, Sophie Divry’s The Library of Unrequited Love and The Painter of Modern Life by Charles Baudelaire. The boyfriend turned out to be just as bad as me, even though he was the one sending me strict looks saying: “Don’t you have too many books already?”. One cannot have too many! The strict looks didn’t last long however, as he surprised me by treating me to a seriously cool book called 642 Things To Write About. I couldn’t wait to get home and get started writing!

After all the walking and spending we headed for home, where the boyfriend made us both delicious pancakes for dinner. This is the first time ever he has cooked for me without me helping out. The rest of the evening was spend watching movies and trying out all the weird and foreign sweets we had bought until our stomachs could take no more.
After all that indulgence I would love to say that I won’t eat sweets again for a very long time but my mum is coming to visit tomorrow and I’m pretty sure the visit will mean that (more) cake will be eaten. I can’t wait!! *

P. S. The weekend was not all sweets and high calories! On Sunday I managed to do my laundry, edit one blog post and write another, write a translation from Norwegian to English, finish a novel for my Monday class and write the introduction for my History of Art essay. And all of that, after 4pm!