Last Wednesday morning, the day after my last exam I woke up to a freedom I haven’t had for months, maybe even years, while studying at Uni. At first it felt a bit terrifying and unfamiliar. It feels absolutely surreal that I am done with my undergraduate education and I don’t think I have truly realised what that means yet. I felt a bit lost at first, because for a long time I have had every day meticulously planned out to be able to stay ‘on the time schedule’ in order to get everything done in time and suddenly there was no plan but instead endless amounts of time and freedom. Now when I wake up in the morning here in my room in London, I can do whatever I want. Anything.

What I want to do with all that free time is to take time to hang out with all my housemates and my friends before I move. I want to read some of the many books treasures I’ve found in bookshops around here. I want to find my own favourite café and sit there and drink earl grey tea for as long as I want and write in my brand new, green moleskine notebook. And when not hanging out with friends, reading or writing, I would like to explore the city, go on new adventures, and maybe even get a little bit lost. Being lost means finding things, places and feelings you didn’t know you wanted to find.

I have written a list of things I want to do before I move; places to visit and revisit, such as my favourite cafés, streets, museums and parks. I would also like to see new places and to once again see some of my old favourites here, like the paintings in the National Gallery that I love the most, such as the paintings by the French Impressionists.

But before doing any of that I wanted to celebrate my graduation and because I’m far away from home, I had to find a way to celebrate “on my own” but I have not been alone in doing it!

It is a tradition in Denmark for family to wait outside the examination room of the last exam to present you with flowers (and sometimes also champagne!) when you finish. But as I was far away from my parents, I decided to celebrate myself by buying a bouquet of roses and to have sushi for dinner and a big piece of chocolate cake for dessert. What I didn’t know then was that downstairs in the reception a big bouquet of freshly smelling flowers was waiting for me already, as my parents had arranged a surprise flower delivery, since they couldn’t be there to celebrate with me. And the boyfriend, who was away on a business trip that week, had sent me a Kindle as a surprise graduation present (I suppose he got tired of me borrowing his all the time. To my defence, it is pretty cool!). Not to mention that two of my friends also gave me a present of Viking themed sweets from the British Museum!

Friday I threw a pizza party for some of my favourite people here in London; a party that included watching The Proposal on the big screen in the common room and 3 tubs of ice cream, so everyone could get a break from revision, as the others weren’t done with exams. And Saturday I finally finished the celebration by spending the afternoon in Gordon Square in the sun with the boyfriend (something I haven’t been free to do for ages) and going out for a dinner of cheese & bacon burgers and banana milkshakes. It is scary and exciting to be this free but I can’t wait to get a visit from my parents next week and for the adventures to begin. *



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