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It’s strange, you can live your whole life in the same place and never really discover it before you move away. Ever since I moved from Denmark, my parents and I have tried to make an effort to go out and discover new things, both in England and when I come home. It has meant that we all look at Copenhagen differently and that we make an effort to get out more.

While I was home on holiday I was told that we were going on a secret trip to Copenhagen for a little surprise one day. I didn’t really know what kind of surprise to expect and I tried to imagine where we would be going. Would we go to a museum or a new exhibition I hadn’t heard of? Would we go to one of my favourite places, like the Botanical Gardens or a new cafe somewhere? None of my guesses were any close and I could never have imagined where we actually ended up!

I was still pretty puzzled when we went through a pretty ordinary-looking doorway on Stroget, Copenhagen’s big pedestrian high street and up an old-fashioned flight of stairs to the third floor. As we passed through the door to Maudes Paa 3. or Maude’s on 3rd, we walked into a big, old Copenhagen flat, with thick carpets on the dark wooden floors, shiny old brass lamps hanging from the ceiling, old-fashioned polished wood furniture and chintz chairs with velvet cushions. It felt like walking into your grandmother’s flat; cosy, homely and relaxing.

It turned out that my parents had taken me there to have a luxurious afternoon tea, Danish style. My parents had been waiting months to take me to this place and since none of us had been there before, we were pretty excited to see what kind of afternoon tea we would be served while we settled into the comfy sofas and soft pillows. On our traditional 3-tier cake stand we got perfect scones (crisp on the outside, soft inside) with jam and lemon curd, a gorgeous chocolate brownie with a rhubarb mousse on top, and cheese and crackers to finish it all of. My parents chose to have their afternoon tea with coffee (If you didn’t know, Danish people drink coffee like the English drink tea = all the time), while I chose an Earl Grey tea that had a soft bergamot flavour.

It felt almost surreal to sit in an old flat in the middle of the afternoon on a sunny September day in Copenhagen, while enjoying something as indulgent as afternoon tea. I have enjoyed afternoon tea at the National Gallery in London before but I really enjoyed experiencing it in a less formal and much quieter place, as if we had been invited over to a friend or family’s place.

We were all surprised that such a unique and special place existed so close to Stroget without having heard of the place before but the waiter told us it had only opened 6 months ago. I really hope the place stays, as I could definitely get used to having my afternoon tea like that and would like to come back with my parents again another time.



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