Even the sun needs a rest from shining

Being here is exciting, overwhelming, stressful, fun, exhausting and special. My brain is still struggling to realize how amazing it is that I am here, after years of dreaming about coming to live in London and now I even get to do it while spending my time going to lectures at UCL, now ranked the 4th best uni in the world.

I am happy and excited that this very big dream of mine finally became possible, I feel lucky and almost spoiled. But being here is also a bit like being home and a everyday routine is slowly starting to form. This is not a 10-month long holiday for me. In between socializing with all the friendly new people, starting my interesting classes at uni and exploring the city, I also have to do the dishes, find time to do the laundry and make an effort to cook myself healthy food, even when I’m tired or when I have 10 other things to sort out before the following day. Exactly like if I had been at home.

And sometimes you have bad days, like everyone else, even if you are generally happy about the luck in your life. Today is one of those days. I woke up (too early, as I couldn’t fall asleep the night before) to some very disappointing news which made me sad, and along with my fatigue and my first round of homesickness, it made me lose my appetite for the day. Right now I wish I could stay in bed and be miserable about not feeling well, but I have a class at 2pm and a welcome meeting at the Writer’s Society at 7. Somehow I will have to find the energy and the excitement to bother.

Today I will have to just survive, to get through. And hopefully tomorrow I will wake up and yet again be excited for all the other days that lie ahead of me.




(Written on Tuesday the 1st of October)




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