Christmas Countdown

To me, there are 2 very special days every year. One is my birthday in March, which I take very seriously. The other is Christmas.

I will be going home to Denmark in less than a month and I can’t wait to get home and be with my family, hopefully bake (and eat) homemade biscuits and cookies, eat pork roast with crackling and decorate the house and tree with all the baubles, tree decorations and elf figures that have been a part of Christmas every year of my life. Christmas is all about family, traditions and (for a light-depraved Scandinavian) also a celebration of light in the dark and of warm cosy evenings with lit candles and fuzzy blankets, tucked far away from the frosty cold outside.

But this year is special for another reason. It’s the first Christmas that the boyfriend and I have together. And since I will be going home to spend Christmas with family and he is going away for 2 weeks of training for a new job, it means we won’t get too spend so much time together before it’s time for those presents.

So in order to make up for that we drove down to the store over a week ago and bought our very first, very own Christmas tree. Although it did feel a bit early it was so exciting buying new tree decorations and decorating it with silver and red baubles, icicles, glittery snowflakes and some of my personal tree decoration pieces from home. It now stands in a corner of our livingroom, glowing from the chain of Christmas lights my boyfriend snaked around it.

You are probably wondering why we are spending Christmas apart in the first place this year but to be honest it still feels a bit too early. Not because we haven’t been together for long enough but more because we have such different Christmas traditions. I celebrate on the evening of the 24th with Christmas dinner, dancing around the tree and a present orgy that usually lasts until midnight. He on the other hand, (like any other Brit) celebrates by waking up on the morning of the 25h to a big pile of presents, usually followed by bacon sandwiches and a gorgeous Christmas dinner.

And since Christmas is all about traditions, it’s just difficult having to give up those exact things that make Christmas really feel like Christmas. I’m sure that one day we’ll find a good compromise that combines the best of both worlds but until then we are just enjoying celebrating Christmas together for the first time, in our own way.  *


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