Footsteps on cracked pavements, echoing between Georgian terrace houses on half empty streets. Under a harsh burning sun in a heatwave in October, when the leaves are falling yellow, orange rust and cinnober red from the London Plane trees onto the broken tiles. Or beneath the orange-yellow glow of a black streetlamp in misty rain at night, shining down on the black tarmac, making it shine.

The surprise of turning a corner and suddenly looking down a quiet row of 2-storey mews decorated with wild plants and doors in orange and forest green. Of turning yet another corner and discovering an unknown square for the very first time, like a secret that belongs just to you. Or the pleasure of a moment where you find yourself lost, that split second of uncertainty, and then the decided resolution that it does not matter. The happiness there is in that. read more

A Dickensian Christmas

I might not have spent my childhood in England, having Charles Dickens famous novel “A Christmas Carol” read aloud to me on dark winter nights in December but I did grow up seeing the many film versions of it. I have to admit I am not the biggest of Dickens fan out there but if there is any literature I always link with Christmas, it is that story of the old, rich man who learns to be generous at Christmas.

Last year I heard that the Charles Dickens Museum in the house where he once lived in Bloomsbury had decorated the old Georgian Town house with traditional decorations used in his time and I popped by to see the museum and get into the Christmas spirit. The house on 48 Doughty Street was Charles Dickens house in town from 1837 to 1839, fully restored with original furniture and belongings owned by the author. You can almost feel his presence in the house, see him walk through the many rooms and up the tall, narrow staircase, all the way up to his writing room where he sat writing Nicholas Nickleby among others. read more

Notes on Notting Hill

I don’t know what it is about autumn but as soon as the dark and never-ending overcast takes over the days, I just feel so tired, worn out and in need for a new shot of inspiration to keep me going. That and many, many cups of hot chocolate. The good Danish one, which my mum sends in care packages from home. Nothing else will do.

I have been so busy trying to keep up with work for Uni and getting over a period of illness that I haven’t been a very active blogger lately. I simply haven’t been able to find the time but I want to change that. read more

The last adventures

My last weeks in London ended up being rather busy ones, as I packed everything down, moved boxes to the boyfriend’s for storage and went on a (so far unssuccesful) hunt for a new place, where we can live together in the fall. I had planned to do a couple of posts on some of the thing’s I was up to but ended up not having the time to do it before my big move home. But I still had time to squeeze in a last few trip and experiences!

These adventures included: read more

A day in Kew Gardens – Part 2

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