A Spontaneous Trip to Rochester


I’m not the most spontaneous person, I’m a planner; I love to write packings lists, to do lists and make plans. I like to know in advance what will happen tomorrow, in a week or in a month’s time. But you can’t plan everything in life! So it’s really nice to have a boyfriend who is much better at doing impulsive and spontaneous things than I am. It gives me experiences I wouldn’t otherwise get. read more

World Book Day – And the World of Translations

Its World Book Day, so today’s post is going to be about literature, of course.

I have been meaning to write this post for quite some time now. For years actually but especially since November, when an exciting package was pushed through my door. As a Danish former literature student I have often wanted to tell everyone on my blog about the fantastic literature that is being written not only in Denmark but also in my fellow Scandinavian countries. But every time I have tried to sit down and write about my favourite Scandi authors I have come up with the same problem: Few of them have been translated into English, so what’s the point. Some of them have been translated to other Scandinavian languages, French, German and even Czech. But in English? read more

A Visit to the London Review Bookshop


One of the absolute best things about living in London is the access to so many cool and different bookshops scattered all over the city. Sure, we have a few cool bookshops at home but most of them are branches that sell the same bestsellers together with stationery. They all look and feel the same. read more