A Visit to the London Review Bookshop



One of the absolute best things about living in London is the access to so many cool and different bookshops scattered all over the city. Sure, we have a few cool bookshops at home but most of them are branches that sell the same bestsellers together with stationery. They all look and feel the same.

This is not the case with the bookshops of London and I’m exceptionally lucky to be living in Bloomsbury where there is basically a bookshop on every corner. Okay, maybe not so but it sometimes feel that way.

I thought it was about time that I started blogging about all of these amazing shops that I come across and just before Christmas I walked down to the London Review Bookshop, just down the street from the British Museum.

One of the things that excite me most about this bookshop (besides from the books) is the way it looks. From the outside I love the at the same time both “old fashioned” and modern feeling of the green painted window front and the old-school signs with their neat font and inside it’s all about the wooden floors, the cool, grey bookshelves and the cute, little light bulbs hanging in front of the windows.

Although you won’t find Dan Brown’s latest, this bookshop is seriously well-stocked, especially for someone like me, who absolutely adores modern translated fiction. I’ve become pretty obsessed with books from Peirene Press and Pushkin Press recently and as many books from these two publishers had been laid out on the display tables I was in serious danger of emptying my bank account, as I found all the books that’s been on my wish list lately. It’s also the kind of shop where you will find Chuck Palahniuk along with a good history section (according to the boyfriend).

I thought the staff seemed friendly and when I treated myself to Virginia Woolf’s The London Scene and Veronique Olmi’s Beside the Sea I was even given a free tote bag to carry them home in.

If you happen to be in London and are looking for an alternative to Waterstones, I think this bookshop is a unique place. There’s also a cake shop but I’m afraid I didn’t try it out that day. I will obviously have to come back another day to try it out and maybe find another little present for myself.