Anniversaries and New Beginnings


Yesterday was a very special day. 2 years ago on this day I moved to London to be an exchange student in London. Today I am still living in England.

I started this blog to document my journey and as a way to let everyone at home know about what I was getting up to in England. But a lot has happened since then.

On Monday, I handed in my MA dissertation and am unofficially no longer a postgraduate student (or any kind of student, for that matter!). This is the first time in my life since the age of 6 where I will not be in some kind of education. It feels very scary to leave something behind that has been such a big part of my life until now and I am sure, as I start looking for a job, that my life will change a lot.

Another big change in my life is that I recently moved from London to the South East. As London has been my very loved and familiar home while living abroad, this was just as terrifying as leaving Uni. I don’t deal very well with change, which is paradoxical of someone who has moved 3 times within 2 years and left their native country for a different one. But I suppose I am starting to get used to changes, to moving around and to adapting quickly to new places. Home afterall, is all the people you love, and the things and interests you surrounds yourself with. And home can be more than one place, if you let it.

So with all these big new changes in my life, it makes no sense to keep a blog about London anymore. Instead I want to have a blog where I can write not just about London, but also about the other special places in my life. I want to write more about the books I read, the photo projects I work on and the writing I do. So yesterday was not only the 2nd anniversary of my life-changing move to england, it was also the beginning of a new life for me, and for the blog.

I hope you will keep reading, as I begin on this new exciting journey!

– Lea


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