And the UK life begins!

I’m here!! I’m in London!

Okay, I have actually been here for over a week now but I have simply been so busy that I haven’t even managed to blog about it, which is terrible for the blog but good for me. It means I’m having a super busy but exciting student life in the UK already. So yeh, being a student in LDN. I found out it’s not quite the same as being a tourist here. The city itself feels different to me because I have to try to relate to it as my new home and can’t just see it as a temporary place of fun. If I have to be honest the first two days here were scary and made me long for my own bed and my old bedroom. I felt lost and alone. But ever since I met some of the people who live in the same House and since I started my induction at the university, I haven’t had time to feel lonely or scared.

Mostly I’ve been busy and occupied with making new friends and socializing with all the really cool people that are here. My calendar is filled up with coffee dates and going to the stores to buy things for my room. It’s fun, it’s exhausting, it’s working to keep my mind occupied from thinking about home.

Some things have turned out to be really complicated. You try buying kitchen equipment in the inner city of London, it feels almost impossible! Especially since the nearest Argos (to the non-UK people that will be like a catalogue version of IKEA), is a good 20 minute walk from here.

But being in London is starting to feel great! I’m super thrilled about my new life here and I can’t wait to explore what it means to live in such a vast city with such a diversity of culture. It’s an adventure beginning and I couldn’t be more excited!

Also, can we all just take the time to appreciate how absolutely lovely the weather in LDN has been the past couple of days? I can actually wear my summer dresses! *




 The view from my window – looking over at the St Pancras Renaissance Hotel


Gordon Square close to campus



Woburn Walk on my way back from Uni


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