All The Small Things

The last time I posted I was home on holiday during reading week. Now that I am home again for my Christmas break I’ve realized that nothing has been posted since.

I have been so busy writing essays and keeping up with my studies that I have hardly had any time to myself, let alone to blog. Things are done differently in the UK and after 2 years of university studies I’ve had to start all over again, learn everything from scratch. It has been a stressful challenge, one that has sometimes made me think: “Why am I even doing this in the first place? Why did I move to London when studying at home would have been so much easier?”

During the weeks of essay writing, living in London was not fun. There was no time to go out and explore the city, no time to enjoy what it has to offer. I tried to give myself a break, however small it was, whenever it was possible and I have been clinging onto those few things that have made all the hard work worth it. Things such as:

  • Going to the cinema with the boyfriend. First we saw Rush and later, I was surprised with a trip to see the new Hunger Games. Besides really liking both movies, those few hours of escapism were a wonderful break from studying.
  • Talking with my housemates in the kitchen cheered me up when everything became too much.
  • Treating myself to Cookies & Cream ice cream.
  • Phonecalls to my parents. Don’t know how I would get through without their support.
  • Looking forward to two upcoming visits from one of my best friends and my dad and brother.
  • Treating myself to some new books: My favorite author Iréne Némirovsky’s “The Wine of Solitude” and “Queenie” by Alice Munro.
  • Throwing a Baking-Friday in the kitchen with my housemates. I mostly watched the others bake and acted as the Christmas-music DJ but of course I also helped them eat the delicious chocolate cake, apple pie and cinnamon rolls they had made.
  • Going to the Charles Dickens Museum post-esssays. Made me really want to live in a Georgian town house even though I would probably be fatigued by having to climb 4 floors of stairs.
  • Decorating my room with Christmas ornaments and wrapping Christmas presents while listening to Christmas music.

I have found that mostly it is the small things in life that make you keep going, that make it all worth it in the end and having Christmas to look forward to have especially kept me going these past few weeks. I love the holidays, the lights and decorations and the joy in the otherwise dark and cold (and for a student, stressful) months. Most of all I have looked forward to visits from home and being able to share the Christmas spirit in London with them.

Now I’m back home and I will finally be able to get back into all those things I haven’t had time for lately: Blogging, photography (with my brand new 50mm lens, a Christmas present from the boyfriend), writing and spending time with my family.

Now excuse me, I’m going back to eating mum’s home baked ginger biscuits and watching bad Christmas movies on the telly from my position on the sofa. The cat (who has stolen my duvet) is already waiting.

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