A Little Afternoon Adventure


I find it really hard to get outside during winter. It’s so much more tempting to stay inside under my soft blanket in my favourite reading chair than to go outside when its cold, windy, rainy or gloomy. But lately I have been trying to make an effort to get outside more, so when the sun suddenly broke free of the clouds the other day I quickly grabbed my camera, put on my green wellies and went outside for a little adventure around my neighbourhood.

Even though I thought it looked like it was pretty sunny outside I quickly realised that while it might be sunny for a winter’s day I still had to adjust the light sensitivity of my camera a lot to get the pictures I wanted (for those interested, my ISO was set to 800 at one point! Most days it’s set to 100).

I’ve been so frustrated with the lack of light all winter because it has stopped me from photographing but instead of getting annoyed that day I realised that the light made me able to take some different pictures and I tried to use it to my advantage. Because winter kind of strips the world bare, I was forced to look at the things that were there. Like a reflection in a dirty puddle on a deserted playground.The surprising zigzag shape of a low wall on a parking lot. The geometrical diamond-shaped pattern of a trellis, revealed because its bare of the plants that climbs it in summer. Or the delicate filigree-like pattern of naked tree branches standing black against the sky.

I don’t love every single photograph I took that day but it did feel great to get out and just take some, and after my little afternoon adventure I walked home, feeling quite happy, even as the afternoon light slowly faded into nightfall.


IMG_0389 IMG_0402 IMG_0404 IMG_0427 IMG_0439 Untitled IMG_0411

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