Seaside escape

Living in London is an absolutely amazing experience and I feel lucky every single day when I wake up and realise I’m still here. The city is a lively, noisy, busy, exciting and inspiring place to be. Nevertheless I was excited about getting a little break from London last weekend, as me and a friend went on a little trip to Kent.

A few stops on the tube, a short ride on the train and an hour long car drive later and I found myself having left London and it’s never ceasing noise far behind me. It was so lovely to be somewhere with nature, greenery and trees, seeing herds of cows and sheep grazing on fields where no tall houses obstructed the view of the horizon. As we drove into the lovely sea town of Whitstable I was practically jumping in my seat and squealing with delight as the sea came into my view. read more

Sunny October stroll

This week I picked Thursday to be my study-free indulgence day. The weather was absolutely lovely, the sun shining, the air warm (and admittedly also a bit humid) and on my way back to my house after an errand-run, I told myself that I couldn’t possibly go back to my room to read indoor as it would be such a shame on a sunny day like this! So instead I went home, grabbed my camera and went outside and into the sun, for a long autumnal walk in the neighborhood.

I began my walk by strolling down to one of my newly found favourite shops in London, one of the not so secret local secrets, the secondhand bookshop Skoob down on Marchmont Street. I justified my trip (the second in less than a week) by searching the shelves for inspiration and possible Christmas presents for friends and family. It’s one of those awfully well-stocked places, where you will always be able to find at least one book that will prevent you from leaving empty handed. I left the shop very happily half an hour later when I had found the perfect gift for someone special. read more

A visit from home and a weekend of firsts

I am slowly starting to get used to my new life in London, so different from the one I lead at home. Meeting my house mates in the kitchen at various hours of the day has become one of my daily enjoyments and I have familiarized myself with a larger part of the area I live in; I now know many of the street names and no longer find myself suddenly lost down some unrecognizable street.

My mother came to visit me and I was so excited about showing her the beautiful area of Bloomsbury and also seeing some other parts of London with her. The visit was accompanied with a lot of first experiences for me. read more


Afternoon treat

Lately, I’ve been feeling exhausted and stressed out with all the practical matters that I need to sort out. So when Wednesday looked down upon me with no lectures, I wanted to give myself some well-earned time off, a break from everything that is filling my head with worry, anxiety and stress.

For my time-out I chose to treat myself with a little visit to the lovely little Patisserie Deux Amis on Judd Street, just down the street from where I live. I have already walked past many times on my way to campus or grocery shopping and I have been dying to try it out. read more