A Birthday

To me, birthdays are one of the most important events of the year along with Christmas. I absolutely LOVE birthdays, both others and my own but for the very first time in my life, I was going to be away on my own. Sure, I have had many a birthday in Sweden but they have always included family or at least my parents. This year I had to face my 23rd birthday in London, which fortunately isn’t one of the worst places to be if you want to celebrate. Another advantage of being split between two countries is the fact that I ended up celebrating my birthday about 4 times!

When I was home in Denmark a week before the actual day, I got my best friends together and had dinner at a Chinese restaurant in my hometown. As always it was absolutely great seeing them again, as I do miss them an awful lot and I will take any opportunity to eat Chinese food (being it my birthday, I got to choose where to eat). read more

Lazy Saturdays?

I had a pretty nice weekend if I do say so myself. It is so tempting for me to be lazy on my days off from Uni but I’m trying to get better at going out to explore the city (one of my new year’s resolutions: Work less, explore more).
The boyfriend would not be lured away from the warmth and dryness of my room to go to Covent Garden with me until he realised that a sweets shop with imported sweets were lying just around the corner from the Apple Market.

So off we went, with a camera and an empty hand that should had been holding an umbrella. The rain had stopped for a while and I chose to be positive and hopeful as we walked out the door. Alas, this is London and I should have known better by now. I’ve lived here long enough to know that “clear blue sky” can turn into fierce winds and rain at any moment without prior warning.
Luckily for us, the market is roofed and we managed to stay pretty clear of the rain. There was way too many people for my liking (What on earth made me tempted to go exploring on a Saturday of all days?!) but to balance it off I found the super cute Moomin Shop!
The boyfriend treated me to lunch and we had the most delicious paella. They had not cheated with this, as there was plenty of mussels, prawns and squid in mine and I’m lucky enough that the boyfriend doesn’t fancy prawns so I could have his, too! I’m a big fan of sea food and Spanish food so this was pretty perfect. read more

Cool Surprises

This Thursday something really cool happened!

I was really on my way to the library to return some books, when I suddenly stumbled upon something in the main building that caught my attention. It had been raining all day, I was tired after being out walking with a friend and wasn’t really looking forward to go outside in the rain again just to return some books. But I am so glad I had to! read more

Chinese New Year 2014 – pt. 2

Chinese New Year 2014 – pt. 1

I admit it. When I woke up this morning (who needs to get out of bed before 11 on a Sunday anyway?), I was tempted to be lazy and have a quiet Sunday in the comfort of my room, not doing much except for the few hours I would have to spend studying.

However, I knew that the celebration for the Chinese New Year would be taking place in Chinatown this weekend, so I felt torn between the need to be lazy and potentially missing out on what would be a really unique experience for me. Luckily (and should I say, also wisely) I chose to ditch the pyjamas and headed for Leicester Square with my friend C. read more