Green as in Greenwich

It quickly became evident when I moved here that I would miss two (to me) very important things; quiet places and good walking areas without too much traffic. It also quickly became obvious that these two things would not be easy to find, despite everything else that London offers. But after 8 months I have finally found a place here that is both quiet and absolutely perfect for long, uninterrupted walks.

When my parents visited last week we agreed on taking a day-trip to Greenwich, a place I had been in once before with the boyfriend but which I wanted to see more of with my parents. read more

The Last Visit

Last week was an exciting and busy one as my parents came to visit me for the very last time while I live here. It has taken me a few days to process everything that we did together, not to mention sort through the many (hundred!) photographs I took. I’m finding myself equally saddened to leave this place and excited about going home to Denmark and to spend some quiet weeks in our cabin in Sweden, away from the never ceasing noises and movement of the big city.

I have finally adjusted to my newfound freedom and am finding myself spending most of my time hanging out with friends and seeing as much as possible during my last weeks here. My parents let me in charge of planning our holiday week together but as we saw too many things to describe in just one blog post, here is a (not so short) summary of how I spend the week: read more

Graveyard adventure

One of my absolute favourite places here in London is the many squares, parks and gardens that create an often peaceful sanctuary away from noise and traffic, a place where you can take a walk, get some fresh air or read in quiet on a bench beneath the tall London plane trees.

For many weeks i have had St Pancras Gardens written on the list of things I wanted to explore the minute I had the time but have been waiting for the right weather to do it, especially as the heat of the last few days have made me seek the coolness of my room (I know, it’s super spoiled to be moaning about the heat and humidity but I’m from Denmark! We are not used to 24 degrees at the end of May). So when I woke up this morning to a cloudy, overcast sky perfect for photography, I knew what I was going to do. read more


Last Wednesday morning, the day after my last exam I woke up to a freedom I haven’t had for months, maybe even years, while studying at Uni. At first it felt a bit terrifying and unfamiliar. It feels absolutely surreal that I am done with my undergraduate education and I don’t think I have truly realised what that means yet. I felt a bit lost at first, because for a long time I have had every day meticulously planned out to be able to stay ‘on the time schedule’ in order to get everything done in time and suddenly there was no plan but instead endless amounts of time and freedom. Now when I wake up in the morning here in my room in London, I can do whatever I want. Anything.

What I want to do with all that free time is to take time to hang out with all my housemates and my friends before I move. I want to read some of the many books treasures I’ve found in bookshops around here. I want to find my own favourite café and sit there and drink earl grey tea for as long as I want and write in my brand new, green moleskine notebook. And when not hanging out with friends, reading or writing, I would like to explore the city, go on new adventures, and maybe even get a little bit lost. Being lost means finding things, places and feelings you didn’t know you wanted to find. read more

What life has been like lately

You might have noticed that the blog has been a little (ok, a lot!) quiet lately. The reason is that I have been stuck inside in front of my desk, first writing essays and later revising for exams. Counting today there are only 5 days left before my last exam, which will also mark the last exam of my undergraduate education and will mean that I will have unofficially finished my degree in Comparative Literature.

So, what I have been doing? I’ve been writing an essay on a piece of Scandinavian autofiction from Sweden, an essay on the subjectivity of migrant literature and an assignment of translation from the Scandinavian languages into English. Today I wrote myself through 3 more translations at a desk exam and after that I felt so pleased with myself that I went straight across the street to the Waterstones on Gower St to treat myself. Note to self: Treating yourself doesn’t come cheat. Ok, so I kind of let myself loose in the bookshop and it was a good thing I was too busy falling in love with my new books that I didn’t even notice how much I paid for them. Yeh… You don’t want to know how much. It was kind of ridiculous but I love my new books and I can’t wait to read them after I finally, finally get myself a proper holiday when all of this is over. read more