Holiday Snaps from The Cabin By The Woods

Our red-painted wood cabin by the edge of a forest in Sweden has over the years become a sanctuary to me. While I lived in London I longed to come back to the tranquillity and stillness of this place. Unlike our house in suburban Copenhagen the cabin has a large, wild garden, where we spend most of our time when the weather is up for it or which we look out on from the windows when it’s not.

There is an old apple tree in the garden that brings no fruit but blooms with the most delicate, blushing white flowers in spring and every year wild pink and white foxglove and raspberry bushes, including yellow ones spread over more and more parts of the garden. My parents have planted a small herb garden that includes oregano, thyme and curry and they grow redcurrant and potatoes as well. read more

Summer reads

To me summer has always meant one thing: spending as many hours as possible reading, in a deck chair in the garden in the sun, in the cooling shade beneath a big tree or in the quietness of my room. The last two years at Uni have kept me busy even in my “summer holidays”, which meant I haven’t been able to pick and read all the books I wanted to. But this year I’m making up for that! I’m pretty sure my dad will frown at me when he sees the pile of books I insist on bringing with me to Sweden but how could I possibly choose between them?!

This is what I have picked out to read this summer: read more

Coming Back Home

I’ve come back home! I’ve actually been home for a week but it has taken me some time to digest what that really means. After flying home last Sunday I needed a few days to adjust (back?) to my life here, to figure out how I feel about moving away from Bloomsbury and back home to a place that has seemed very distant while I was in London, a home in my periphery; It was still there, but just out of sight and out of my reach.

After London, the whole town seems so quiet and sleepy, it feels almost disturbingly boring, I have to admit, and the long rows of similar looking terrace houses look so tiny, like doll’s houses and the streets are eerily spacious and less frequented by driving cars, at least compared to streets such as Euston Road and Tottenham Court Road. read more


I have arrived full circle. On exactly this day 9 months ago I arrived in London to an empty, hotel-like room with a cabin trolley and a suitcase as my only belongings. Today I have begun repacking those same pieces of luggage and staring at yet-again empty shelves and bare walls, now reversing the same motions I went through when I moved here. With only 7 more days in London and only 5 of those in my beloved Bloomsbury, it is time for me to make status and find some kind of conclusion to my time as an exchange student here in London, however difficult that might be.

I came here equally excited and scared (ok, probably mostly just terrified!) and although London and especially UCL welcomed me to this place, it wasn’t always easy or struggle-free, especially not in the beginning. Problems with opening a bank account or trying to find a shop not too far away to buy kitchenware, something which at home would have been easily sorted with a passport in hand or a trip to Ikea suddenly turned into complicated tasks that left me feeling very homesick. Because everything would have been so much easier at home and if not, at least I would have had my family and friends there to help me. I don’t think I ever really realized how lost I (and many of my fellow international students) really felt those first few weeks of trying to tread water. read more

The last adventures

My last weeks in London ended up being rather busy ones, as I packed everything down, moved boxes to the boyfriend’s for storage and went on a (so far unssuccesful) hunt for a new place, where we can live together in the fall. I had planned to do a couple of posts on some of the thing’s I was up to but ended up not having the time to do it before my big move home. But I still had time to squeeze in a last few trip and experiences!

These adventures included: read more