Christmas Countdown

To me, there are 2 very special days every year. One is my birthday in March, which I take very seriously. The other is Christmas.

I will be going home to Denmark in less than a month and I can’t wait to get home and be with my family, hopefully bake (and eat) homemade biscuits and cookies, eat pork roast with crackling and decorate the house and tree with all the baubles, tree decorations and elf figures that have been a part of Christmas every year of my life. Christmas is all about family, traditions and (for a light-depraved Scandinavian) also a celebration of light in the dark and of warm cosy evenings with lit candles and fuzzy blankets, tucked far away from the frosty cold outside. read more

Misty Mornings

For the last week or 2 I have woken up almost every morning to yet another dark, cloudy sky. I know it’s November and it is to be expected but it just feels depressing to wake up every day to the same gloomy view. It’s the same for me every year. When it gets dark, cold and completely overcast I just want to throw in the towel and go into hibernation until Spring. Does anyone else feel like that?

I’ve realised that since I can’t change the weather I have to change my attitude and look for the things that make me feel happy. I get most of my happiness from the simple things in life but I seem to have forgotten that lately. Yesterday I might have woken up to gloomy skies but also the most beautiful morning mist. It’s all about attitude right? read more

Notes on Notting Hill

I don’t know what it is about autumn but as soon as the dark and never-ending overcast takes over the days, I just feel so tired, worn out and in need for a new shot of inspiration to keep me going. That and many, many cups of hot chocolate. The good Danish one, which my mum sends in care packages from home. Nothing else will do.

I have been so busy trying to keep up with work for Uni and getting over a period of illness that I haven’t been a very active blogger lately. I simply haven’t been able to find the time but I want to change that. read more

What I’ve been up to

It’s raining today. I’m currently sitting in my living room, holding a cup of steaming, milky tea, listening to the fall of the rain through the open window and looking out on the grey clouds. Yesterday was amazing, a heat wave at the end of October, who would have thought? I remember a similar day last year in mid-October; the first day perhaps, that I really felt as if I belonged in London, as if Bloomsbury was now mine too.Yesterday I enjoyed the welcoming heat wave as I sat outside on my little piece of rented front garden, sipping tea and working hard on my novel under the burning heat of the sun, finally enjoying that I had a bit of spare time to get on with it.

So, where have you been? you might ask. As the date on my last post tells you I have been on a bit of a break from blogging while I settled into my new life and post-grad studies. It has been a less intense but a much slower process of settling down this time and I have been spending a lot of my time, trying to get used to living here away from the noise, traffic and masses that I so wanted to escape when I lived in Bloomsbury. I have to admit that I miss it, despite finally being freed of that claustrophobic stressed out feeling I always had when I lived there; I miss the life on the streets, I miss Saturday evenings at one of the cinemas at Leicester Square and the proximity to all the museums. I miss being able to walk down to Soho or Chinatown whenever I want and having Gordon Square, Russell Square and St. Georges Gardens as my nearest local green places, when the weather is good and I want to read outside.  I miss living in the student house so much, our pizza parties and movie evenings in the common room late into night, or meeting my house mates in the kitchen in the mornings before our classes, everyone still wearing their pyjamas. read more

Happy Anniversary, Lea!

Yesterday was a very special day, for the 16th of September marked the day of my 1st Anniversary of moving to London. Exactly one year ago yesterday I said a very difficult goodbye to my parents at Kastrup Airport [CPH] and walked teary-eyed to the gate that would send me on a flight to England. I remember being more scared than excited that day. I remember procastinating packing my suitcases (for a control freak who loves everything to do with sorting, organising and packing, this is rather impressive!). And I remember most of all, the sadness, not excitement I felt as I said goodbye to my parents, even though I would see them again only 6 weeks later.

Because it is a massive deal to move out of the childhood home you grew up in. It is a big deal to leave your country. And to begin studies at a new university when you have finally settled in at the old one. Not to mention what a big, massive deal it is to start your life completely from scratch. When you leave your country the way I did, you have to learn things all over again. You do not have your own language, customs and manners, friends, family, home and neighbourhood to rely on. You have yourself and in the beginning before you make those first amazing friends, that is the only person you can rely on to help you get through this. It is scary to be independent and have so much responsibility for your own life, – and also very liberating. You see, I found that I do pretty well on my own and that relying on myself to solve problems and make me happy is actually very empowering. read more