Everyday Surprises


It’s strange, you can live your whole life in the same place and never really discover it before you move away. Ever since I moved from Denmark, my parents and I have tried to make an effort to go out and discover new things, both in England and when I come home. It has meant that we all look at Copenhagen differently and that we make an effort to get out more. read more

Holiday at Home


For months I have been waiting for time to pass, for my long days of academic work to be over and to finally be able to come home on holiday. A proper one, where I can do whatever I want for once without trying to juggle uni commitments with time to relax and seeing friends and family. read more

A Secret Garden

There are many different kinds of secrets in the world and in a big city like London most of them have already been discovered by someone. There are tourist guides that will help you find these so-called “secret places” of London but how secret can they be if thousands of people buy the book and they all go on the same trips to discover all the same secrets?

I recently discovered a place in the middle of the city which is not only a well-known, very public secret but also one that has been discovered by millions before me. Yet, when my friend Claudia and I went to Holland Park last week, it really felt exactly like we were discovering a hidden secret, as if no one else has ever been there before us to realise how wonderful it is. Unlike many of the other much bigger public parks like Regent’s Park, Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens, Holland Park wasn’t a very busy place when we went to see it and it felt secret exactly for that reason. read more

An Evening at Photo London

I have mentioned a couple of times on the blog that I feel really grateful for the experiences and opporturnities I have been given in London. I have not only been lucky but I have also been encouraged while being in the city to really put myself out there, to be brave and participate, and it has resulted in some pretty memorable moments for me.

Last year I volunteered to be a student speaker at a conference for the Bicentenary of the Norwegian Constitution at UCL which was a really fun experience to prepare and be a part of and which also got me invited to a dinner with the Norwegian ambassador. Last Summer I also won a competition to attend a Peirene Supper Club, where I got a chance to meet Meike, the publisher of Peirene and Norwegian author Hanne ├śrstavik. And this year I have had the pleasure and honour of being a tour guide at the V&A. read more

Perfect Saturdays

I’m not gonna lie, the past couple of weeks have been rough. It has been time for another round of dreaded essays before the big start on my final dissertation and while essay time is unpleasant enough at the best of times, I have also been rather ill. So the essays have been put aside for now and I have had to give myself some much needed time off to recover. This has turned out to be a good idea and I am now finally starting to feel better.

And today has been the most beautiful, perfect Saturday in a long time. Today has been all about doing what I have longed to do while I was stuck in bed. After an exciting morning delivery of Daniel’s latest camera aquisition, a 15-85mm lens, we hurried out to the car and went on our way to the perfect spot for a photo shoot; a rapeseed field he had seen in a rural part of Kent on his way to work one day. read more