Seeking Out Adventure, Amongst Other Things


I have felt a little lost lately. I have been getting up in the morning, heading off on my commute, going to work, coming back home, eaten late dinners and gone to bed early, and I’ve been doing it all as if I wasn’t really here. I haven’t had a lot of time or energy to write, to go exploring or to photograph. It has just felt like an endless amount of days on repeat. Trying to get through one day only to have it replaced by another that looked exactly the same. read more

Crossing off Cambridge


It’s strange. There are certain places that we daydream about seeing and then when we finally get to visit them… They aren’t quite what we expected. read more

A Spontaneous Trip to Rochester


I’m not the most spontaneous person, I’m a planner; I love to write packings lists, to do lists and make plans. I like to know in advance what will happen tomorrow, in a week or in a month’s time. But you can’t plan everything in life! So it’s really nice to have a boyfriend who is much better at doing impulsive and spontaneous things than I am. It gives me experiences I wouldn’t otherwise get. read more

A Little Afternoon Adventure


I find it really hard to get outside during winter. It’s so much more tempting to stay inside under my soft blanket in my favourite reading chair than to go outside when its cold, windy, rainy or gloomy. But lately I have been trying to make an effort to get outside more, so when the sun suddenly broke free of the clouds the other day I quickly grabbed my camera, put on my green wellies and went outside for a little adventure around my neighbourhood. read more

Ruin Lust


On Saturday, my boyfriend and I decided to leave the sofa and take a spontaneous drive to the Kent countryside to get some fresh air and shoot some photographs. read more