About me

Hi! I’m Lea!


I grew up in a large suburbia in Greater Copenhagen in Denmark, where I spent my years studying and writing and when I was 22, travelled across the North Sea to live in London. This blog started as an online journal where I could write about and share all the adventures and experiences I had as an exchange student in my favourite city. I am no longer a student but I still live in England and I still like blogging about the things that I fill my life with, both here and back home in Denmark.

I suppose you could call it a lifestyle blog and you will find both my photography and my writing here, blog posts with stories about photographs I have taken, the books I read, adventures I have been on, the creative projects I’m working on and all the little moments that happen in my life.

I know nothing better than seeing new places, holding a camera and pressing down the shutter, tracing the streets of London, visiting museums or sitting in my favourite armchair reading a book. Sometimes you can even find me in a wood cabin in a forest in Sweden, trying to find a bit of silence. I used to work at a castle by the sea but these days I work in a bookshop, in a medieval building with wooden beams in the ceiling.



If you want to get in touch, you can find me on Twitter @AllThingsEla, on Instagram @leaelmphotography or send me an email to [email protected] . I’m always happy to chat, receive book recommendations or meet other like-minded people and artists.


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